Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Dagger...Dagger Valley...yeaooowww!

I'm not sure why I started this with air guitar. But I did, so lets not speak of it again!

I've started a new kickstarter called 'Dagger Valley'. It's a blend of comic panels and a roll high for high scores game. It's sort of like playing zero level D&D - ie, you roll a lot and hope for high rolls to get through! Which I like as a premise. It'll be released as a free game on kickstarter, which you can be customed into the game to some degree depending on the reward you choose!

It's got a pretty humble goal of $66, which seems more than reasonable to me. A bargain even, yah yah?

I think I'd ramble onto some subject that's too obscure for a blurb about now, so I'll leave you with the link again instead! Dagger Valley

Friday, May 22, 2015

Parallels - the other you

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but keep meaning to figure how to do it properly - and don't. Therefore I will instead get it done the other way - half assedly!!

This page is in reference to the idea that amongst about seven billion people, there's going to be someone who thinks like me and will search for this page just as much!

Whoa, now hold your horses - you could have the idea of searching for someone like you, but be different from me still! So maybe this is a false positive here - you might be different but had the same idea. Just saying! But it's nice you had the same idea, so good on you - hope you run into your parallel if it does turn out a false positive! And if you are my parallel - well, this is awkward! But then, being my parallel, you already knew that. That's going to be repeatedly embarrassing - but that's a nuance of us, I guess!

I've done the occasional search but never set up an anchor page for the above reason of not knowing just the right way. But that'd be no good if all my parallels did the same thing, would it? We'd never find each other - only searching and planting nothing to be searched for. So here's the half assed version!

The warped side is, everyone usually thinks they are a unique being and here I am looking for the maybe hundreds or atleast dozens of paralels of myself. What if I don't find them - but I didn't want to be unique.

"You're all individuals!"

I'm not.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Structure of reported 'Conciousness'

I aired this over at conscious entities first, but it deserves it's own little space!

I was thinking the issue of the reported 'experience' is something like this:

A is the pin pressed into the nerves of your finger tip.

B is the brain registering this, rather than just some nerves in your finger registering their input.

The thing is, this seems to be whole picture, yet it isn't the whole picture. Like, how do you know you're having an experience?

What if there is a C - this is the brain registering that B is occurring.

This would actually be a very useful survival trait - sometimes to get food you have to suffer a little pain/negative feedback. Instead of reflexively avoiding all pain,if the brain can monitor it's pain and create strategies to override the withdrawal reflex (in the name of gaining, say, honey while bees sting you)

The big issue here is that there is no D. D would be the brain registering that C is registering B.

Without a D, it seems B 'just happens' rather than it being a registering of B by C. Because you can't see C to see it's registering that. See? Scuse the pun!

But even if you had a D register, it might seem that C is just happening - it's a recursive issue. Every time you put on a new monitoring level, from the perspective of the subject that the monitoring level before it 'just happens'. It's inescapable. There's always one blind monitoring level.

But if we keep it simple and treat it that without a D, B just seems to happen - then the thing to think about is is 'experience' just happening, or are you failing to register your own registering/perception/seeing of it? Your seeing that you are having an experience - is that a C? And you lack a D to see the C in action? Thus C becomes invisible and off the radar - there only seems to be A and, seemingly most importantly, B?

Or more simply, how are you perceiving that you are having an experience right now? You report having an experience - but how are you detecting that? You just know - so you're saying you know experience is there, but you're also not seeing/perceiving/sensing it, somehow?

You say you're having an experience. So what is perceiving this?

Is it C?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

'Castle Beneath The Forest' Funding support thanks!

Thanks to my kickstarter supporters: Vincent Howard, Austin "Hiro" Jimenez, The Roach, Jim McLaughlin, John Rhyne (Raistlinrox), Robin Matsson, Alexis Mirsky, Mike Harvey, Daniel Reising and Merric Blackman!

From January 18, 2015 to 20 April, 2015, eight thousand words latter the project is now complete!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dust 514 slices away it's player base a little more

Updated Dust 514 recently and played.

Found I wasn't getting any skill points for some matches.

Turns out if you don't earn 159 war points in a match, you wont get any skill points.

Okay, time for fun psychology - the macho responces 'if you didn't earn that much, you didn't contribute anything'

Well how about we go back to old school? You lose the match, you get nothing? If you didn't win, then obviously you didn't contribute enough, which is the same as not contributing at all! Right?

It's pretty sad to see macho responces about not needing welfare from people who are are on welfare but not quite bright enough to realise it.

Anyway, I presume this is to stop people idling in the MCC. But really it just flips off solo players some more and CCP shaves down the player base for Dust a little more.

I'd actually be fine if they took up some exclusivity line and said they only wanted players of a certain calibre (and bandwidth).

But you get the stupid mixed message of them always talking about improving the game for everybody, but then closing it off.

Dust 514, it's a jogging simulation (you spend more time watching your stamina bar than you ever do shooting at dudes) and now has the feature of the middle finger if you don't score enough points. And against a skilled and powered up opposing team, which you will repeatedly meet because no matchmaking, you can forget being a solo player in the game, anyway.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Being a DM/GM in roleplaying - it doesn't work like a book or movie

I tend to respond to actual people rather than second guess problems - and then I end up responding to them somewhere other than my blog! So here's a responce I prepared earlier for new GM/DM's (whatever you wanna call it!)

My tip is books and movies are NOT a good model for how gaming works - in them the single author of the book controls the world AND the main character, making the main character do exactly what he wants him to do.

You don't get this luxury in roleplay - the characters run by players are run by players. They are essentially co-authors - and unlike the main character in a book that does what they author of the world wants, the players PC's wont do exactly what you want. You have to be able to let go of having an exact idea of how you want things to go, because it doesn't work that way. You have to have a hazy idea of how the world works and what is happening in it, and the players engage that as co-authors (where equally, the world doesn't always do what the players might expect it to do).

I've seen too many gamers who came to roleplaying with the idea that as GM, they'd be the sole author of events. For many, it was the innocent mistake of thinking it works like a book or movie and no one said otherwise (and for a few others, they are just that controlling and selfish). This ends in a train wreck.

Running a successful game of a straightforward nature is as simple as not being wrapped up in thespian ideals - make sure money or XP is gained by the players every real life half hour or so.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Castle under the Forest Module ( KS page )

Here's the working page for a kickstarter project I'm initiating, called 'Castle under the Forest'. I'll post the link to it here if I can get it to go live (first time I've started a KS)

And here is the link! :

This kickstarter is about writing a module compatible with roleplay games of dread tunnels and fire breathing dragons - particularly the fifth edition of such things! And of course adaptable to other editions as well! A module that can be used for group play or can also be played in a simple choose your own adventure style!! So you can either run it for a group as DM, or play it by yourself - or do both!

Enticed by the promised of an old debt to be paid to the player characters, it's a delve into a strange underground castle and the concerns and conflicts of its denizens. Consisting of three to five main encounters (the amount depending on writing time (with more from stretch goals!)) and five additional area outlines to explore in addition to the main encounters, it'll be a primarily text based adventure distributed in PDF format via e-mail. Each encounter being from 600 to 1200 words each. I'm an improvisational DM with over two decades of experience and would like you to please give me the opportunity to get some of it down in module form!

Dat link again!

So very much link!

Edit: Hey, it got funded! And I've bashed together the survey (I'm just pausing since KS says you only get to send it once so I don't want to stuff up!). Also it's so hot down here so most of the time I'm shaping my body back into its normal form after having melted! But I've got till April to send, so that's over a month. And the basic set of 'ties' that powers the adventure are written up!