Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brink head : Didn't they see what the logo looks like?

I was watching the promo videos for brink, the first person shooter for slightly parkour people.

See that logo above?

Now in the first video,  they seem to have started thinking that the fun sport of trying to beat someone in a video game actually makes a story. They have a guy killing a guy who is killed by a guy who, in a twist only Nostrodamus could have forseen, is killed by a guy.

But then I realise what I always thought about the logo - it's all about who's got the biggest dick. The logo looks like the head of a dick! It does! And the movie is all about who's got the biggest one in the end - who's the guy at the end to kill but not then get killed by another completely random guy - he must have the biggest wang! And so instead of being a completely vapid story, it essentially does tie to something - the biggest dick head. As pictured in the logo is the head of a penis.

I'm serious - when I saw that logo that video went from utterly vapid story to the most thinest, most tenuous primordial conflict, yet the one that all too readily gets taken hugely seriously.

Sometimes you gotta read between the lines for there to be anything worth reading at all.

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