Monday, July 1, 2013

Dust 514 tip : Heavy from the start

I just kind of realised you can use a heavy suit right from the start of play!

Go to dropsuit fittings, make a new fitting, go to market for the drop suit and find the militia amarr heavy suit.

You don't need to fill the heavy slot of it with a heavy weapon - you can use an assault rifle or whatever. Or you can stick a militia forge gun in there - kind of found them to be cool if someones covering your back. They do alot of damage and seem to have a wide hit circumfrence (and can also be used to destroy turrets). But if you're sitting there with one charged up and someone runs

If you're using a controller and/or have a slower connection, the extra protection will give you more time to learn how to play - instead of dying in an instant and learning nothing, you'll die in a few instants - but atleast you'll learn where your enemy came from.

It's not actually a fitting that's given at the start, yet it may make the game alot more fun for alot of people when they start play, if they knew about it.

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