Friday, January 16, 2015

Castle under the Forest Module ( KS page )

Here's the working page for a kickstarter project I'm initiating, called 'Castle under the Forest'. I'll post the link to it here if I can get it to go live (first time I've started a KS)

And here is the link! :

This kickstarter is about writing a module compatible with roleplay games of dread tunnels and fire breathing dragons - particularly the fifth edition of such things! And of course adaptable to other editions as well! A module that can be used for group play or can also be played in a simple choose your own adventure style!! So you can either run it for a group as DM, or play it by yourself - or do both!

Enticed by the promised of an old debt to be paid to the player characters, it's a delve into a strange underground castle and the concerns and conflicts of its denizens. Consisting of three to five main encounters (the amount depending on writing time (with more from stretch goals!)) and five additional area outlines to explore in addition to the main encounters, it'll be a primarily text based adventure distributed in PDF format via e-mail. Each encounter being from 600 to 1200 words each. I'm an improvisational DM with over two decades of experience and would like you to please give me the opportunity to get some of it down in module form!

Dat link again!

So very much link!

Edit: Hey, it got funded! And I've bashed together the survey (I'm just pausing since KS says you only get to send it once so I don't want to stuff up!). Also it's so hot down here so most of the time I'm shaping my body back into its normal form after having melted! But I've got till April to send, so that's over a month. And the basic set of 'ties' that powers the adventure are written up!

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