Monday, July 6, 2015

Kids shows are junk food

You're not gunna get this. I don't even get this.

Kids shows indoctrinate kids to A: think the villains are outsiders, rather than someone protected and even nurtured by the very laws and forces that are supposed to be good/on the kids side and B: (if they are inclined to become artists of some kind) to make more kids shows like this.

Because you never turn on the villains who shelter under the same laws as you. Villains are always bwahaharing outsiders - doing clearly destructive things to your world. And always acting very neatly as being outside of your world, bent on destroying your world. Like Sauron. Always aim you at the outsider villain.

Even wormtongue is a puppet of an outside villain. Wormtongue is never THE villain...amidst you. Because that's the greatest trick the wormtongue ever pulled - convincing the world to look outward.

And you think you know that.

But look at your fantasy. Look at your kids shows.

Outsiders. It's always an outsider who is the villain.

Where's your celebration of the villain within your ranks?

You don't want to celebrate such an infiltration.

You wont stand vigil without celebration.

You're not gunna get this. I don't even get this.

How fat we are.

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