Friday, March 12, 2010

These are your mmorpg friends...

There's a thing in table top roleplay, where people will play together but then they spend absolutely no time doing anything else with each other - they don't see movies together, they don't hang out and drink coffee or beer and talk crap. They don't go camping together. They do nothing else.

Yet some people at these games will call them friends.

They aren't. They are not part of your real life, they are just part of your game life.

And over here we have someone who, in a mmorpg, thought someone was their friend - but really that person gets crossed in the game - and the game life is all that's important to them. They don't share your real life with you, they aren't your friend.

But everyone talks about how they make such good friends on mmorpgs. It's really social!


Now if you manage to catch up with these people in real life, for other events (and sitting around drinking beer and talking crap qualifies as an event!), then cool...but see, it's not about the mmorpg anymore. It's bigger than that.

Suzina bought some wow gold.

Think about the stuff you've forgiven friends for in your life. I bet some of them have drunk all your beer, or maybe vomited in your car or something. Did you put them on ignore?

When you start putting the integrity of a frigging game ahead of a 'friendship', it either means you into that game like a cult, or it just wasn't a friendship.


  1. Have you seen the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates? Online will replace real life for many people.

  2. Hi Rtyp06! Thanks for checking my blog!

    But really, online can't replace real life - your always stuck in real life, no matter how distracted you are by some online construction.

  3. I check in here once in a while. I have you booked.

    True what you say about online. I mentioned that movie because it's one of those rare sci-fi flicks that paints a realistic future with not-so far fetched (or far away) technology.

    People interact with the real world via a robotic surrogate. Human control solves the ai issues. People shop, go to work, drive vehicles etc. all from the safety of their home where they uplink to the surrogates. Of course, like the intenet, people can choose their own looks (avatar)and submerse into a life of beauty and wealth. For most people this becomes reality.

    As for now, we see people gavitating toward their "exciting" online personas more and more. I think this is an upward trend that will not stop.

  4. There's definately something to keep an eye on there, Rtype!

  5. It's a heady temptation, being able to mold yourself and your life at a whim. To a degree, all entertainment touches on that potential.

    I contend that really learning to live life is learning to make do with what you have, rather than perpetually chasing what you want. There's a place for dreams and whimsy, but in the end, real progress is only made in the real world.

  6. Well, I'd just about say that makes gold buying even more sensible - it'll mean she'll spend less time in the game to accomplish something, then get out there into the real world all the quicker!

    I mean, jeez, what are mmorpgs currently resting on the most? Having you perpetually chasing what you want! And she short cut that! Sounds like a good thing!

    Heck, I originally posted just to say real friends don't ditch people over cheating at a game. But now her actions are actually starting to look constructive!