Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hammering on!

Sorry for the pause, I've been playing alot of the warhammer endless trial and it is still quite engaging!

I will say though, and I don't blame the designers for this, when I tried out the other side - I lost perhaps all sense of importance of the game world? I guess it's because I was fighting for the cause of order first and then...destruction really is destruction. I just cancelled the meaning out so it ended up just the gamism, like playing quake live - not gamism and a sense of a cause your following. BUT as I said I don't blame the game designers - what are they going to do, lock you off from playing a side? Nah. There might be ways around it, but it's not something they have to do. Also it might just be something I experience, and I might be part of a minute demographic in that. But it made me think, all the same.

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