Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wow, a website for people to celebrate how tiny minded microsoft moderators are

I'm looking at this - there's a building in town here with chinese good luck symbols that I thought were swastikas. I was wrong - but this moderator just keeps calling the pic in the guys bio swastikas.

Yet this site is a 'haw haw, lookie the stupid people tink dey were right', while the moderator is being wontonly culturally ignorant in order to 'protect people'

Hey, there might be some books with the chinese good luck symbol out there too - perhaps burn them, for the good of the people?

Then this one, where the guy was soliciting something which is impossible to get, apparently.

All this from a brief skim of the first page?

I'm not laying into how moderators forget they are human and think they are as correct on a matter as some sort of god would be.

No, it's the celebration of ignorance as being right and the one true way that appals me!

The man who is absolutely certain is the man who absolutely does not care what happens if he is wrong.

Yeah, there's other stuff which are more clear cut - but it's all being treated as equally clear cut. Real ignorance there.

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