Monday, January 24, 2011

Collecting loot isn't about lore? But sans lore, isn't it collecting database entries?

Wrath of the fuzzy screenshot marked a downhill trend in expansions...

Over at Tesh's blog, a comment by Syl made me ponder...
WoW is goal-focused, or rather: loot-focused. it’s not about identity or lore as much as it’s about the means to get what you’d like to collect.
That prompts me to think - The weird thing about that is that isn’t the very idea of ‘loot’ lore based? I mean, it’s ascribing the lore of ‘this is ye old weapon’ to a set of database entries. Can someone say they aren’t about the lore, when they set about collecting ‘loot’?


  1. I'd love it if the loot would actually have any foundation in the lore. But WoW requires so much loot, that they actually have a whole team that is trying to come up with ever new names for that stuff (that isn't too absurd)

    The loot in WoW has no history. It is there to make the skinner box work.

  2. Hi Nils, thanks for your comment :)

    Well, in real life where does the word 'loot' come from?

    Does it have a real life history?

    Does the game draw upong that real life history, to skin it's set of database entries?

  3. Actually I should probably rephrase that - I have real life history and I have a sort of movie/book/comic history/lore. You probably do too. Doesn't 'loot' or 'sword' or 'robes' draw on that latter history/lore to skin the database entries?