Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Haze Live

Can't we just be friends? Well, okay, I did kill your brother for this bandanna...but can you blame me?

Finally upgrading my internet speed means I could try out quake live. Which means I could try out, apparently, a sort of video game version of hazing.

I'm not sure how their skill checking works. Or whether it works. But it gave a countdown of twenty games before it'd skill match me.

So, perhaps it could say '20 games and then we might stop feeding you to guys who'll eat you and your connection speed for breakfast'.

Looking at their forums, I also notice people suggesting that you don't play free for all at first, and stick with capture the flag, or other team games like clan arena. It's true, I did enjoy these more.

So you'd think they'd atleast guide you towards that with how they offer matches, etc. Because being shot to death by a guy who rocket farts his way across the room in a milli second, or bounces around in a way that's even more erratic than the nightmare bots (I can do hardcore bots, but not nightmare bots) or that you don't even see at all before they kill you...it's not fun. Being beaten, but you can see a few ways in which you could have done better, that's good. Being killed by guys who have learnt the level to an almost autistic level ("I'm an excellent fragger..."), well, that's fun if you have developed that autism too.

At a certain point, there is no play to the activity - thus it ceases to be a game. Often with casual games, they become so easy there is no play, thus they aren't a game. It's interesting that you can actually get to the other end of the spectrum - so hard, there is no play. Well, no actual play for us guys new to the quake crowd. So why are we set against the guys who have been playing it for six months to two years, right from the start?

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