Monday, May 6, 2013

RPG culture and stone soup, ie 'Don't be stupid, you make all the fun yourself (now buy the book!)!'

Ran into this delicious...idea, would you call it, in naked glory. Of course the fun bit that from, as far as I can tell, the rediculous position the person, they start saying anyone in a normal position is rediculous. Link is here.

Me:  If so, I'm disinterested in it - I'd rather just write my own RPG than pay money for a boring framework that I then have to make exciting.

Them: Ah, a fresh start to reading ridiculous things on the internet today.

D&D is about making your own excitement. You'd better go find a video game if you want it all spoonfed to you.
It seems a recurring pattern in roleplay culture - the stone soup fetish.

I mean, I'm taking the guy at his word - he has basically pardoned the game rules from being interesting (let alone exciting!) - the game rules can be as dull as dish water. Because guess what, it's up to you to bring the excitement.

100% of the excitement.

You can argue he doesn't mean 100% and instead means the book maybe brings 10% or 20% of the fun or some percentage.

I don't think he meant that though.

So he wants to PAY for books, books which are utterly boring. Then he wants to do all the work to bring ANY excitement to the game table. And for some reason he needs to buy a book to do this?

Internet guy, the world is upside down rediculous because your head is upside down, stuck in the sand. Is is thou who is ass backwards.

And of course a strawman at the end in wanting only to be spoon fed.

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