Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weird agenda gear shifts in some peoples roleplay

I'm talking to some guy on the 5E playtest forum. He really wants there to be an unconcious state so players can be captured, but as is the cleric will keep quick healing PC's to 1 HP, so he thinks the monsters will have to coup de grace PC's to stop them from popping back up again.

It's really odd how insistant he is about this capture option being available - then when I assume the only point to it being always available is to capture them every time the party loses a battle, he says 'oh no, capture is only a possibility!'?

Well, 99% is a possibility as well. But ignoring that and trying to read 'possibility' (since it was highlighted to me in bold) as being a rare event, lets say 10% is a rare occurance.

So he's arguing against missing out on an edge case?

What I suspect, if one looks at his gaming history (in games that have an unconcious state and no quick heal issue as outlined above), is that the ratio of party defeats that lead to capture Vs the ratio of party defeats that lead to the monsters killing the PC's is a 1 to 0 ratio, or a 100 to 1 ratio. Ie his 'possibility' is actually a near certainty.

But he keeps trying to tell everyone, including himself, that it's a mere possibility that you'll be captured.

That, or he's arguing to keep something that very rarely happens? (oh yeah, keeping that means that players who go unconcious need to stay that way (because being captured is so important) and so can't do anything else during the combat (unless a proper heal is used up on them))

Actually I just realised - why doesn't this happen with normal healing spells - those make the PC's rise up again. Why don't monsters CDG fallen PC's to make normal healing spells (not just the one single quick heal a cleric can do in addition to swinging a mace) not work?

I think he's got this gamist thing going on during combat where he has to be all optimal in their attacks - but che-CHRdddd, he shifts gears the instant combat ends and it's some other agenda.

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