Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another beast: The Ad Populum

A replicating beast, grasping, bald humanoids naked but for flimsy loincloths, though repeated mostly by illusionous replicata. The irony is that while it's many replica's are very different colours from each other, many vibrant hues and not at all compatible with each other, the creature is colour blind - it sees it's many members as uniform and singular. The creature never find difficulty here though, for it, through it's many mouths, simply says they all agree. They never discuss what exactly they agree on, except that it opposes their foes colour - and so they never find that their differences in colour are incompatible. They see themselves as a one colour rainbow. Curiously there seem to be able to see some amount of colour in an intruders form and that is the source of their violent reaction - the difference. However this colour vision must be from a very small tunnel vision and the much larger peripheral is colour blind. Smitten with their intruder foe, they do not look at their fellow 'replicas' and so the uniformity of their side remains intact to them.

Copyright Callan S./me, blah blah, 2014 (which goes for everything I write on this blog as it does for other bloggers on their blogs too, but it's worth mentioning as a reminder every so often)

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