Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hypocritical or Enlightenment?

I was going to respond to this post here: "Why do I suck"

I was going to say something along the lines of go back to what you find fun, and make your own game of it, no matter how it turns out. If you like quake live, or dragon age, make a game of it even if your game turns out to be pong or space invaders. Just try - if you try there will atleast be some thin, tiny vein of what you find fun and cool about those games, but now it'll be in your own game.

And then I thought, doesn't that apply to me just as much?

Is not doing so myself hypocritical? Or did I need to give blessing to someone else to do it, before I could feel blessed to do so myself? And so a point of enlightenment? And is a critical on a hippo the same as a hypocritical?

All this and more...thing...

Edit: Oh, I wrote more in it that I thought would be good to post here too
The hard thing might be realising you've put so much effort into learning code and your only getting that thin vein when all around there seem to be awesome games abounding. But just remember that the commercial ones had a ton of guys paid full time. And even the indie ones usually have a team as well. Alot of good games do very well at hiding exactly how much money and skilled man hours were put into them. Indeed the more skilled man hours put into them, the more they hide how many of those hours were put in. Which leaves you thinking you aught to be making something that matches these things, which isn't fair on yourself.

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