Friday, January 8, 2010

Love the one your (actually) with

I wonder if there's a situation with designing for game worlds, where your just trying to add fun to what is otherwise an uninteresting and unrewarding idea of a world. I know alot of people are into setting, but in terms of gamism it's the real life hurdles that make the fun (or atleast with the gamism I pursue). And setting is just an idea - it is not as yet anything in real life.

Actually I guess that answers it - there is a situation where it's adding real life things just in the attempt to make this unfun thing, fun.

I guess I should be taking something I enjoy already, like lunch money or chess or connect four and...continue to enjoy it. If I feel like adding some sort of game world element to it, fair enough. But otherwise enjoy the fun thing that exists, rather than try and make something fun out of something that doesn't exist/is just an idea. Love the one your actually with!

BTW, if there's an ad above about guns and networking...well, what do you think about that one? I'm open to influence from posters on whether I let that one show up.

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