Thursday, February 25, 2010

Allod of addicts?

In responce, in relation to the Allods cash shop prices

What is this ‘gouge with the cash shop’ meme I’m seeing around the net?
I mean, they literally wield it like a knife and run at you?
Makes me think of a user getting cut at their dealer for hiking up the prices. You know your hooked, that’s why you get so upset and vehement about something you could just not buy – because your hooked.
Basically there's this aggitation because people know they don't really have a choice because they are caught between their addiction and the cash shop price.

If there was no addiction they'd just shrug and not buy it.


  1. I do think there's some of that going on, but really, it's easy enough to ignore those players, because yes, sensible players will shrug and move on.

    My particular ire is based on incompetent use of the cash shop model, which has implications for other games, as pundits (and businesswonks) are provided with more ammo against the model. I suppose I only care because I suspect I'll be working on such a game at some point, and I consider the subscription model to be a deleterious model, both economically and morally. I won't pay to play a sub game, and I won't work to create one.

    I like Allods as a game, and I wish it success, but the cash shop moves are not wise. Perhaps I shouldn't care, but my concerns are not for my own play (I'll either shrug and play without spending money or just play something else), and more for what this instance means to my (perhaps unfortunately chosen) profession.

    *shrug* ;)

  2. Hello Tesh,

    Well, I'd just suggest gathering statistical evidence for cash shops which you think have reasonable prices.

    I mean, it either comes down to evidence or the person/buisiness wonk dimisses it based on sheer prejudice and 'what he heard on the net' with no genuine critical analysis of what it actually is.

    Trying to sway such a person opinion just makes them even more certain that knee jerk, non rational responces to things are the way to go. Or so I'd think.

    Anyway, I just sense alot of negativity about it from people, without much description as to why, typically.