Friday, February 26, 2010

Perverse 'grouping' games/gaming

There's a particular cultural meme on the internet I've seen a few times, that's in love with the idea of forming a group.

Here's a thread on that has some examples. A quote from it

In the end it's a trade-off; you've given up the sense of spontaneous server camaraderie and overcoming adversity for accessibility and convenience.
And another quote from it
When you do get into a group, it's mostly people you don't know (PuGs being cross-server now) and will likely never group with again. You don't care about them; they are just tools you use to achieve Phat Lewts.
 Which seemed to be the case previously, so eliminating the idea of 'spontaneous server camaraderie'

Really it seems in terms of gameplay, getting a group together in the f'ing first place was the actual game to most people, and the actual dungeon crawl effectively an afterthought to them.

It's just an amazingly lame 'game' and 'adversity' to 'overcome'.

Perhaps it's a breed of brain damage? They are sitting there for hours, literally, looking for group - they are told over and over this is a great game. So they start to treat those dead, dead hours as fun. They just get their minds bent by repeated hours of exposure. The same way I'd brainwash someone, if I had someone in my basement that I wanted to brainwash...not that I...have a basement....


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