Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Far Cry 2: Mercy

In farcry 2, you can wing someone and they just end up wounded - on the ground, using a crappy pistol.

The funny thing is, no matter what, they will keep shooting at you, if you get close enough. They will never give in to you or do any other approach.

What's interesting to me is that in this circumstance, trying to shoot them in the leg so they don't die, as some sort of mercy, really, definately and is scientifically proven to be pointless.

It's really strange to contemplate the hope for a better world that mercy is, being utterly pointless. Like, there is no point. Just kill them. Nothing can change, ever. Mercy is a stupid, pointless move.

It almost feels like a flickering candle in a infinite darkness, flickering out. Except it's just a game. But it's strange to even get a remote sense of what the end of hope is like.

Oh, who knew I'd end up philosophising on this blog?

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