Saturday, December 11, 2010

Far Cry 2: Whiplash

There's alot of driving in far cry 2 - and it doesn't mean much to the larger game. Or atleast doesn't mean much to what the game focuses on - shootin'! Your driving around empty bushland and nothings there. Sure you might run into a rock or tree...and, you just back up and go around. It wont matter to what matters!

I was thinking it'd be cool if there was a 'smooth driving' health bonus. If you drive for long enough over a certain speed, you get a small bonus bit of health. This might be thought of as including car crash damage in reverse - in real life, if you crash, it's not just your car that gets hurt, is it?? Here we reverse it for fun - avoid hitting things, get a bit of extra health that'll stave off some hurt in the next fight.

But as it is, you do alot of driving around empty land. It's a bit of a 'dodge rocks and tree's, otherwise you'll get there slower', but it doesn't tie in neatly.

On another subject entirely, the games pitched me a moral choice (or however you'd like to describe it) of either choosing to rescue my buddy in the game (who has helped me out on many an occasion, but is pretty much a cut throat mercenary) or save a priest (who I don't know except as the title 'priest', he's helped me with malaria pills and others with transport papers).

I had to save and quit, to think about it. Just couldn't decide that one on the spot!

It shows how easily a game can engage that level of play. Good stuff!

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