Thursday, December 9, 2010

Farcry 2 - Yo, bud, help a guy out?

"Alakazam!" - the new Harry Potter movie and it's 'wands', were deemed a break from the prior cannon...

I like the 'buddy rescues you when your down' thing in farcry 2. I bought it recently on budget. Indeed, it's funny - in the same way there is no black loading screen when you enter a house by it's door, it makes the 'grevously hurt' transition an organic one. In a vast number of other games you get a reload screen, or a black loading screen that how they do it in the movies? Or to be more exact, which is more fun or engaging - perhaps in a comparison between a black screen and some sort of movie cut aways, doing something like the movies is more fun and enjoyable instead of a savagely black suddeness (though that's probably what sudden death is like...ahem).

The first time I 'died' in the game, it was simply from jumping off a tall thing and missing the platform I was aiming for (how the hell do I get that diamond case, anyway?). There's my bud, picking my up off the ground and stalking around angrily, looking for the badguy that pushed me off. Yeah, you go find that pushy bastard that did that to me, yeah, cause that's what happened.

The second time was a more dramatic, as I was on one of those prop boats and another had smashed into me and proceeded to hammer me with its mounted gun at point blank range - just as my gun jammed! Given I was on the water, it was quite an interesting transition, fading to black, only seeing my wobbling hands and my bud trying to get me moving - the fade in and out happened three times and we were quite a distance away (well, 50 game world meters away) in the end. To be honest, I've seen this sequence in the movies so many times and it was really enjoyable to both be in it, and at the end we were still in a two way firefight related to the first encounter, so there was this low, then the potential for a high (determined by gameplay).

Really fun - more on Farcry 2 soon...

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