Monday, March 18, 2013

Borderlands 2: Is the Assassin the weakest character - because it's skill based?

As opposed to the commando, who's turret is a computer aimed monster, the assassin seems to have a design brief to be as skill based as possible. You get a better zoom, but no auto aim. Maybe your hologram distraction explodes, but that's if you drop it near enemies. It's kinda like a polar opposite.

More satisfying gameplay - in single player. But I'm not sure what it's like to struggle while the commando drops a turret, throws a homing grenade and then sits behind a crate and lights a smoke.


  1. Out of the 4, I would consider him the statistically weakest, yeah. But in my time playing, I played with the skill 'Many Must Fall' and found a lot of success. Using his back attack damage and a bladed revolver, I was able to move fluidly through the battlefield to get a kill shot here and there and keep myself invisible.

    It didn't work every time, obviously, as sometimes the decoy is in the line of fire and you wind up getting hit with a rocket or something, but I'll admit, a degree of tactical precision is totally necessary to use him to full efficiency.

  2. Interesting points, Ricky. Thanks for your comment.