Sunday, March 24, 2013

The claimant/questioner judo flip

There's a lovely little move on the internet. You might be aware of the idea that the onus (always a fun word) is on the person who makes a claim to prove that claim, it's not on others to disprove the claim. Thus if someone claims some being called god exists, the onus is on them to prove that claim, there is no burden on others to disprove that claim.

But here's the judo flip - what if you simply shift the claim maker roles around.

"I am simply questioning your claim as to the existence of an absence of god!"

Ta da! Now you are the claim maker! JUDO! FLIP!

It's torturous english, of course, but hey!

My guess is simply a counter semantic karate move*, which is to say "Well, if all you're doing is making that claim, then you aren't claiming the existence of this being you call god - so there, neither of us are claiming that existence!"

The origin of this post was where I'd said a RPG lacked a complete procedure - but then that was flipped to not them claiming it does have a complete procedure, but merely questioning my 'claim' of the existance of an abscence in that procedure.

Gamers. The rationalisations need never end!

The prince of nothing series has a theme of watcher and watched that both underpins it's magic system and apparently everything else. Sometimes I think what would be more apt is simply a hot potato game of shifting claims back and forth - claimer and questioner, with no one admitting to the former role because JUDO! FLIP!

* I went from judo to karate - god this is inconsistent and bad!

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