Sunday, March 3, 2013

D&D 5E: Badguys just don't survive to do very much?

Between the golden grain inn and recently the temple of the lawbringer, really the badguys seem to drop so quickly they don't do anything much?

Perhaps monsters could regularly have a power like the possessed Sir Moonbrook did earlier in the module and on a natural 5+ or 10+ they do 1 or 2 damage even on a miss? Or even they can only do this once each - once they have applied this damage, they can't do so again that fight?

I don't really enjoy running absolute cake walks for the PC's. Why set up a combat roll when you have little to no chance of having any effect? Could just as much narrate that they won splendidly, over and over.

I originally posted this over at the D&D playtest forum.

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