Monday, October 18, 2010

Fallen Earth : Gratuitous screen shot

Ah crap, I parked around here somewhere...

Fallen earth looking good. Back when I started tabletop roleplaying and there were no fancy computer games (sprites had pixels that were an inch across and all one colour! And we liked it!), this is how we'd imagine our bad ass antics. I even remember we invented the bullet dodge way before the matrix, by rolling a natural 20 to dodge we were so good at dodging we could walk around the bullet and look at it as it went by...well, that's what we said, anyway!

Sadly though, could you actually go and peel metal away from one of those cars (no, a single node out in the middle of it all doesn't count)? Or work on one to at least get it rolling (if only foot powered)? Graphics may have improved, but in a way were still just working with pixels an inch thick. In a way minecraft shows that, as it is more of a genuine 3d world - but with very, very, very grainy pixelisation of each fragment of the world (note: I'm not talking about graphical pixels, but more like physics pixels...perhaps I should say molecules...)

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