Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nice legs, shame about the cash

I will avenge my greenhouse!!1!! With my knee gun!
I've heard a few people around the net comment on player vs player games and the cash shop crisis that lets some people effectively buy their victories by buying the better weapons with real money - weapons you can't get without spending money. It's often described with some bitterness.

I think I get the bitterness now, as it comes from actually finding some attraction to the game, only to suddenly find that attraction scoured away unless you pay cash. It's a bit like one of those stories you hear where a guy gets picked up by a chick and he's feeling pretty big - then he finds an enormous bill at the resteraunt she drags him to, as it was a honey pot operation.

I was playing epic duel, which for a slow connection is good for PVP as it's turn based. I was quite enjoying the game...but then you realise how much cash stuff there is. Not only that, you find you only have one character slot and if you want to change class, cash it up, my friend. Do they tell you this choice is permanent unless you have cash? No. Wanting money is fine - but put the price sticker up front. You don't get shops where there are no prices and when you hit the register they charge whatever (well, perhaps in boutique stores, but this isn't boutique, is it?)

But beneath all that there is a chirpy, likeable game. It's just that that game has a pimp.

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