Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mitey Dynasty Worriers!

Helecopter, helecopter, please come down! Do your duty on the ground!
The upcoming dynasty warriors mmorpg has a certain thing in beating a bunch of guys at once. However from the animations I've seen, the guys all clip into each other, when they get knocked back the all go back the exact same distance and all do the exact same 'been hit' animation. Which makes it look like a sort of esher-esque line dancing.

As usual, no doubt, the mmorpg will also absolutely drain any fun in doing such an attack, by having you do it eighty million times before it accomplishes something. I mean, the idea of beating the crap out of a dozen guys at once is that it feels as if doing so is meaningful and will lead to something. But that feeling of meaningfulness actually needs to be matched by what actually happens in terms of game conditions. Or does it? For you, is just the feeling of meaningfulness enough? Even after the seventy millionth time?


  1. This blog reminds me why I don't bother playing MMOs anymore ^_^

  2. Well, mmorpgs are like zeplins. It sounds awesome at first, but then there comes the crashing and burning and oh the humanity. Then the next one uses gas that's just way too expensive and it becomes apparent the whole concept is pretty slow and cumbersome.

    I've been curious about darkfall, in terms of gameplay first with a layer of neat game world fiction on top. But my connection speeds pretty slow for the time being...