Sunday, February 27, 2011


If you your post on a forum sent to an inactive file, without any mark where to read them or that they ever existed, is that the same as your post being deleted? Not at a technical level, but at a practical level?

What if all your posts on a forum are treated that way? Permanently? Is that the same as banned. I'd agree at a technical level.

Now alot of forums don't say they wont ban or delete your posts. Fair enough. But what about one where they say the wont ban anyone or delete posts (even spam isn't deleted, just sent to the inactive file)

Further what if someone else had actually written a thread 'Please ban me' and they were neither banned, nor was their post moved to inactive file? How do you suddenly get closer to the inactive file than that person?

It's a funny spectrum to fall into.

The thing I dislike is the fear. When your told you'll be banned if you act the victim, how do you say that feels like posting in fear? Without simply acting a victim? That or you can normalise the fear, treat it not as fear and just normal, day to day interaction. That actually scares me the most.

But really that's the dealie on any forum owned by someone other than yourself (and heck, maybe some blogger person might decide to use their property ownership powers on my blog? I don't even own this blog, really).

So it's not new, it's always been the deal. It's just when someone wants to hang that diamacles sword over you to influence your behaviour - even if the sword was already there to begin with, it's just...I dunno.

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