Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grinding : The health warning about evil twins

I wrote about this over at mmocrunch and thought it worth repeating here.

It's basically the issue of where someone psychologically cannot distinguish between something they like and something they don't enjoy, because they call the thing they like and the thing they don't enjoy, the same thing. Namely, grind. And so they keep repeating the activity, because they can't identify it as something they don't like, for calling what they do like the same thing.

Imagine if there were two twins, one evil and one good. You go out with the good twin that you know as, say, Grindina, have a great time. Okay, you go to go out with her again, but actually this time it's the evil twin, who's name is Grindhella, but don't know there are twins, this is just Grindina to you. Now you have a not so good time - you can't put your finger on it, because you keep expecting that Grindina fun moment to come and it IS Grindina after all and you like her.

Now, imagine putting up with more and more Grindhella visits. More and more. Because your sure this is Grindina, who you've had fun with. And sometimes Grindina shows up, yet more and more rarely. But you don't know that.

Are you ever gunna split with Grindhella, given how you keep thinking it's Grindina? You keep thinking there's a good thing there, when actually it's been replaced with bad?

The inability to seperate the good activity from the awful activity is essentially crippling. You can't think of a fun time, because your idea of fun, Grindina, has basically been merged with Grindhella.

Grindina is what I want, you think - so you start to want what is actually Grindhella.

Or perhaps for the guys out there, if I started watering down your beer, just a little each time, perhaps a year on when you think beer, what you actually thinking of is incredibly watered down beer. But you will say that IS beer. That's all beer can be.

Hey, no one was going to listen anyway, so it was fun to play with an evil twins analogy for awhile...mmmm, beer and evil twins...

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