Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fallout securom locked out! :(

Played fallout 3 alot, ages back and decided to play it again recently.

And I get a friggin' securom message saying 'Conflict with Emulation Software'. I've added no such thing since the last time I played it. Somehow I suspect when I bought farcry 2, which also uses securom, it's added some stupid to my system.

What else do you call it when it will, at an arbitrary time, lock out the use of a paid for product? Do I get an offer of being paid back the money?

Digital goods. The appear like regular goods, but wow, don't start treating them as real goods. Your not really being sold anything that they can't snatch back pretty much whenever they give a TOS.

Edit: A work around is to go into the programs folder and find the fallout folder, then find fallout3.exe and run that directly. Still, if I want to use add ons, not sure how to do that without the launcher.

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