Sunday, February 27, 2011

Games, lies and video tape

No real context to the picture and title, just awesome

A quote
absurd posts of yours here, which confound events in a game with physical events such as groping and gassing people
Ah, the groping and gassing, not too well know sequel to pride and prejudice!

Of course the gassing is being missplaced as it was an example of how you can apparently normalise abhorent behaviours. I guess no one likes to believe they could find killing someone normal - but it's simple enough, you already have the capacity to think they deserve it (I think I'm ripping off some Disciple of the Dog with that line, actually...). And my paintball example (here, near the bottom) was completely forgotten, I don't know why. I guess what will prove your case stands out in the memory more than what might support the other guys. I wonder how much I'll blunder into that same pattern here?

Anyway, actually lets look at the paintball example. Shooting someone under the table with a paintball, when their character in game is hit, but without telling them you were going to do that.

Now I know there have been alot of paintball matches out there where someones gotten hit with a paintball unexpectedly, yet they've basically been okay with it. Or so I've heard - shoot me down with evidence otherwise!

How was that in a game, yet the under the table shot wasn't part of the game?

I'd contend it was simply consent.

So it's not actually the grossly physical act that matters, is it?

It's lying that matters. It's the lack of consent that matters.

These things are NOT 'events in a game'.

Not unless you've normalised the idea of game as including lies and lack of consent.

Which I grant is entirely possible.

It just makes you sound irrational and absurd to such a person when you talk about games as if lies and lack of consent were not inside game stuff.

I'm sure that group who shot the guy under the table with a paintgun would think I'm absurd and irrational as well.

I get that*.

I was going to be self indulgent and quote Einstein "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

But the shoot under the table guys - for them, there is no problem. You can't solve a problem that isn't. And my thinking is just irrational in such a case.

* Now I know I stole that from Disciple of the Dog!

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