Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Player MMORPG

Of course, eventually you'd end up hitting each other, streets of rage style...

Sounds funny, doesn't it? A two player mmorpg.

Yet I've thought about this for ages and would really like it!

What I mean is that two people can play from one computer. So you can actually journey together through the mystical world. Remember the old fashioned version of together, which didn't involve squinting at a chat box or wearing a headset?

Maybe split screen, or maybe both on one screen (ala lego star wars).

Maybe I should try and make a browser game like that, some day...?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are you really playing that mmorpg?

I just realised one thing that bugs me about traditional mmorpgs play method.

Okay, here's the contrast - imagine a browser game that gives you say 24 action points per day. And it takes about five minutes to use them all up.

Okay, now say you only ever used 2 of those action points a day, on average. Would you say your really playing the game? I mean, it's only 2 your using - how much of the game can you be playing?

Now, astute reader, you've obviously recognised why I used 24 action points. Because a mmorpg gives you 24 hours of play per day. But how much do you play for?

Two hours a day, maybe?

Are you really playing the game at that rate?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey, loser, play our game!

Wow, Travian advertising opts for the non conventional approach again! Previously the 'Play (with my boobies) my lord' adverts were infamous (and entirely miss leading of content).

Now...well, you have to self identify as a nobody...I suspect the guy in charge doesn't actually have a sense of conscience. Well, you can imagine that - you see anyone else in the world but you as mere pawns to you. Meat puppets. Of course such an advert makes sense to you.

Though the horrid truth is, don't we all use these games as a pecking order/keeping up with the jones's method, to some degree? Must have the epic purple Jimmy got last week?