Thursday, December 22, 2011


In the tradition of the travian 'click now, my lord!' lingerie adverts, I just saw an advert for another browser game which makes the travian ones seem a little subtle and sublime.

'One click for a roman orgy! Click now!'

Giggity giggity!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Commenting on Comments: SWTOR: When did you decide to play for years?

I noticed on another blog, someone saying that star wars the old republic didn't have enough there to be played for years.

I love the implicit assumption there - that you'd want to play for years?

When do you decide what point do you say you want to play a game for, say, half a decade?

Or do you never say that, you just kinda fall into it while playing world of warcraft?

I get some people get really tied up in vitual assets - they too kinda fall into finding it intensely important to build up assets in the game world and just leave it all?

But that's gotta be a kind of madness where you blame a game for not being something that lasts for years so as to make those assets 'matter' for longer, without recognising any of these issues?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advanced Dungeons & Deadlyness. Kinda.

I was watching a game of AD&D last night. It seemed really dangerous - a fighter with 6 hitpoints being attacked by an ogre with a tree trunk that does 1D10 damage.

But then I found out criticals were optional in this ed, the GM opting to drop them. And you can go to -10 HP without dying. For example, the 4 HP wizard took 5 damage and...after having a cure light wound latter and a rest, not much.

So was it really dangerous? Or simply the danger of not doing anything on your turn?

Granted if all of your side gets knocked out, then you're dead. It's like the party itself has HP, and each party member equals one hitpoint! Remove all the parties hitpoints and you're dead! Heh!

But instant death for anyone? Even if you only had one HP, being hit by a swung tree trunk can not kill you!

It just seems deadly.