Saturday, May 10, 2014

Enquiries that try to appeal to the heart

I watched a bit on the 7:30 report I think it was on an enquiry into the commonwealth bank. The bank had released a statement that some of their employees had acted 'inappropriately'

The lead of the enquiry sort of went on to enouciate on whether that was at all the right word for what he said was flat out fraud. He gave the example of when his three year old daughter draws on wall, that's inappropriate.

With a poker face the person from the bank says they believe it was behaviour that was not appropriate.

What's the point of enquiries which make appeals to the heart?

These guys are ruthless, having sealed away their hearts in leaden jars years ago like some kind of liche.

If it were a game, it's like asking someone if they are bluffing - that can only work if they aren't good at bluffing!

Is this really how we investigate the cold, calculating mega corporations? With people who really think they can activate the guilt in one of these bank guys?

You're basically dealing with robots. And unless the legal system gives you any capacity to punish them further for showing how utterly ruthless and remorseless they are about just calling fraud an 'impropriety', there is no room for an appeal to the heart.

An appeal to the heart is something you use when your three year old daughter draws on the wall.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dust 514 Clone Charity Page!

I like coming out of a battle in Dust with a profit. But in the end I'm not really spending any of that money on anything - it just sits there!

So like all blogs, I like traffic and I have idle ISK. So what happens next??

The first two people to give their character names in the comments section below will get a nice, round 5 million ISK sent to them from my character!

And on this initial foray, the next 20 people to post their character names in the comments will get 1 million isk each (in future it may be 500k of ISK each). Since not many people might post, you can post once per day for a million each time (that'll save me on writing in contacts as well!). But if you post more than once per day, it doesn't count, sorry! :)

That still wont drop my bank acount below 100 million. It was nice to get over a 100 mil (I know others have alot more!) but if I don't spend any, what's the point?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Game of thrones TV remake: What's with the rewrite of certain sex scenes?

It seems to be twice now - I've heard the Daenerys/Drogo, while broken in the book because it's a child bride situation but there's room given for consent (and as much as it's a broken situation, she atleast gives some consent about as much as a child can (presumably raising the question of informed consent). How is this remade in the TV series - well, I heard it described as he rapes her, but then she's sort of into it latter.

Now I read here a similar change - broken incest sex in the book. How do the producers change it - they make it rape, but then she's into it latter??

I'm not sure Martin should be okaying them change stuff like this?

And it seems some kind of...I honestly don't know what screwed up model of just world fallacy that has to maybe decry the books broken events by making it rape (and so clear cut morally wrong) - but then make the rape victim okay with it latter (morally okay??)? Probably because to not do so would break the future story and shit, the person changing it has a mortgage to pay!

And that's the charitable reading!

The other reading is that they think these things are so wrong that some sort of rape is better.

I don't know how much creative control Martin signed over (did he know he was signing it over - interesting consent question...). But how could you feel comfortable with that sort of weird change as an author?

May as well be comfortable with having anti semetic material slipped into your TV adaption. Its the same alien message stuck into what you wrote - and who as an author thinks someone putting words into your mouth is like a good thing?

Perhaps if they put money in first you can't taste the difference?

Oh wait, that article: 'While the rape of his sister was a change from the books, their relationship is beyond messed up, and so it sadly was something entirely within the realm of possibility. This makes it a viable creative choice.'

Oh, so that's part of how people start chalking it up. It's a bit like how gay people were once associated with pedophiles (as in a certain era they were both seen in the same light). Incest is obviously connected with rape, because bad.