Monday, March 22, 2010

Money and seriousness

Geez there were alot of comments on gamejolt along the lines of 'Oh, I love to make games, I don't care about the money' or 'They are FREEware games!'

And yet these people are accepting money - how can you say your doing something just for the love of it, yet accept money? Note that if they had an option of not accepting ad revenue from their game and took it, I'd say they are consistant with their own words.

I mean, what does it take to be inconsistant there - is it a certain amount? If you say you do it for love and accept $5.00 it's consistant? But if you say you do it for love and accept $5.01 your hypocritical? Is there some magic sum where it switches over to that?

No, there isn't. Accepting any amount and yet saying you just do it for the love of it is bullshit!

And same goes for freeware - is there a magic sum where if you accept I dunno, $5.00, it's still freeware, but $5.01....

They're bullshit responces. Yet they were more than enough justification to get snarky for these people, apparently.

There was this guy I knew who was a postie, and he had a million in superannuation and was at retirement age. He just worked for something to do, and called the money chicken feed.

But it wasn't chicken feed/nothing to everyone in that delivery centre - to most of them it was vital.

I think alot of the guys responding to me perhaps even live at home still, or come from a pretty well off background. They wouldn't pick up a five cent coin in the street.

But I'll tell you what, it's pretty common to be serious about even one cent.

Try going to a shop and paying for an item short by one cent. See how many shops don't take that seriously.

I doubt you'll find many.

Either do it entirely for free or get serious about money - but nah, they don't treat it seriously.

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