Friday, April 2, 2010

Looking at the Warhammer Online Free Endless Trial #1

This will be a series of posts looking at warhammer online, since I finished downloading the free trial on my slow as internet connection.

It's a bit over a thousand megabytes - probably to you guys with fast connections, that doesn't mean much. To me it's one of the largest downloads I've done - but if your in the same boat, you download the launcher, install it and it pretty much putters along. Though if you stop it and start it again it wont show the previous progress on the progress bar - just saying cause I was looking at it wondering if it had dumped all the progress it had made. But it has made progress! Also if you have a slow connection it will ask you if you want to turn off streaming data - say NO, as if you say yes it'll try and download the whole damn game and you'll be waiting for eternity!

I'll get onto gameplay shortly, as this is a kinda warm up post :)

Oh, and here's a couple of amazon links in case it's relevant

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