Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thinking on Job training and 'adequate pay'

So the jobs market is like a big game and so a subject for this blog, right? Well, not really - in most games you rarely, upon losing, end up living in a cardboard box (nod to the casinos, though...)

But anyway, I was thinking how people want to be paid the amount they are worth. Or atleast I think I've heard people say that? Have you ever said that.

But the thing is, if you've ever trained for that job, shouldn't you need to be paid more than your worth?

Assuming unpaid training. Let's say you do 1000 hours of training, unpaid. And the job that training gets you to is paid at a 'worth' of $20 an hour.

Doesn't it actually need to pay more than $20 an hour, until it's paid off those training hours you did for no pay at the time? I mean, what, were your hours worth nothing at all during training? Not even a dollar an hour?

"But I do the training to get the job!"

Well yes, but your essentially getting it by giving away thousands of hours of your finite lifespan to a business which will then just pay you 'what the jobs worth' and in these days of few permanent positions, might dump you at any given time. As an act of desperate effort to get a job, yes, that makes sense. But then why turn around latter an act as if your actually living in an equitable society who pays you what your worth? If did whatever it takes to get that job, your not in an equitable society. Not to mention my old post stating that you can't get a job, unless you have mind control powers. In the current system, you only ever beg.

I'll finish up paraphrasing an author I like, "If anyone says your lucky to have a job, they literally mean you are lucky to have absolutely no leverage at getting a job".

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