Monday, April 18, 2011

Grunt Box

I'm working on a preset shoutbox system for driftwurld, to help give a sense of other players being 'out there' in it. So far you clash your stats against theirs, but don't talk as yet.

But I want it preset shouts and preset replies. For a start it avoids security concerns of clensing incoming data. But more importantly I just am disinterested in yet another gutter talk chat environment! Where the cultural habit of spewing out the most half baked, lowest denominator thoughts is seen as a must. I mean, may as well have a system where you can only communicate in pre set grunts! That's what it comes down to, so why not just be honest about the arrangement instead of trying to dress up the grunts with text that vaguely resembles words?

I'm going to have a chat room latter where you can type what you want. But in the meantime a shoutbox system is what I'm going for.


  1. Hello. This isn't a comment about your "Grunt Box" article. This comment is more about your entire take on videohgames in general. I really like your idea about "philosophy" and gaming in general. BTW, i seen your site like 3 months ago on one of those link referral sites. I'm following you buddy. Keep up the work on this site and driftworld. I'm the webmaster over at

  2. This is about the 'Grunt Box' article. I think in games it is important to get a player base that is of more mature players (17 year olds and up) it seems like kids (15 years old and younger) just feel that if they can get on to a site they can then say what ever they want. It seems like the best solution to this is heavy moderation of chat boxes were you assign there profiles to there ip adressess. I know it doesn't always work but it seems to work the most often and is the most efective.