Friday, August 24, 2012

Piracy: The great narcissistic and selfish superstition of our times?

I've said this before and I wonder:

If people were forced somehow to either A: Buy the product or B: Do without it, how many of them would actually do A?

I think alot of 'concern' around piracy is simply narcissistic self flattery that all them scumbags would buy the damn product, if you could force them.

But really, how many would?

If it were somehow tested and a large percentage would, okay, there's some validity in it.

But I rather suspect alot of people simply wouldn't buy the product.

Which means to continue with the idea of piracy would be the worst kind of petty selfishness - that even if it costs you nothing, other people just can't have X, just because.

It makes me wonder if the idea of piracy is one of the great superstitions of our age, powered long by our own bulbous egos?

Guess what, at the very least they wouldn't all have bought your product. Stop fooling yourself.

Indeed you probably sell more than you otherwise would, from indirect advertising (some people try before they buy).

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