Saturday, September 8, 2012

SS3: "Executable Signature Verification Failed" - Seriously?

Ah, it's like taking a time machine back to the late eighties. Furiously trying to figure some way to make a game work.

So far my investigations are this far:

In particular, number 3. In particular particular, #2 inside of 3. Certificates.

Use search to find sam3.exe, then right click on it and go to properties, then go to digital signature tab.

Yes, it appears certificates are the prob, as #2 even gives a link describing such.

And that link is so step by step and wonderfully simple, giving a link to download a certificate package

...and then...
Once downloaded install the certificate and install/import it to Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.


If you want to install the certificate under Computer account use MMC console to install the certificate.

Okay, so here:

under the notes (great formatting, guys!), you can bring up an MMC console by clicking start, run, type mmc and click okay.

But when I bring up the console, it's blank - seems maybe I fall under this in the notes
If you have not already created an MMC console that contains Certificates, see Related Topics.
But none of the related topics seem if I figure the right one, I get to go to Hogwarts?

OH, actually, after unzipping the downloaded certificates, you can actually double click on them to make them install! You don't need the MMC console! I just brought it up to let out my tale of woe!

And I did that to all of them, clicking yes over and over and...

It still didn't work?

I looked at the properties of sam3.exe, it said it wasn't recognised.

I closed the properties.

I opened them again.

It said it was recognised.

And now it runs!!!! But my graphic driver is out of date...

So yay, ambigous ending!

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