Friday, April 19, 2013

Moral Goblemmas

Made up a couple of cute moral dilemma situations. As usual I made them up elsewhere, and now bring them here to my own corner, second hand...

* Goblins have stolen chickens from the local village and taken them to their cave. However, after traversing some traps, the PC finds that the goblins children are starving. If any attempt to arrange a food supply is made, evidence shows up that the goblins used to hunt and forage around the surrounding area (for insects and mice - yuck! But goblins love 'em (them and Bear Grylls)) until the village took over their lands for pasture. Who is the invader?

* A giant beast is rampaging around the outer perimeter of the town, wrecking barns and fences and killing sheep that graze out that way. On encountering the beast, the PC finds it can talk - it has a barb in it that it can't remove but the PC can. However, it informs the PC that it looks forward to removal, because then it'll be strong enough to smash that village that done it wrong so long ago. So, leave the beast in pain? Or kill it - even though it can talk as much as you can? Try and talk it out of smashing the village, knowing that if it lies and you remove the barb and it then it goes on to smash the village - well, that's kind of your fault? Or is it?

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