Monday, August 5, 2013

Dust 514: Proto Stomp Romp

In dust there are top of the line armours and weapons called prototypes.

Supposedly there's a disincentive to use them in public matches (as opposed to planetary conquest), because they cost alot to replace (when you die, you lose all gear on you. You can buy replacements, but they cost money/isk).

Today I ran into someone who had said public matches don't matter. To which I said, 'yet you bring the proto'. Turns out I guess right - they say they have an f' ton of money and still make money in proto. Presumably it's more powerful therefore they lose it less in battle.

So, there's another entry in this blog apparently becoming a 'look at the ugly welts and lumps of Dust 514'. It's kind of a wierd game - perhaps not even qualifying as 'game' in some respects.

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