Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Table Top Roleplay : 'Is the dungeon real?' wrap up. One perspective.

Pretty disappointed with how the following threads went, with a trend toward using hard words in regards to personal crusades (amongst the choir) but not really facing mild words against holy cows.

[D&D] Persuasion in the Middle, or GM Fiat at the end?

[D&D] Is the dungeon real?

How Epidiah decided range to target in Dungeon Crawl Classics

Basically the refutations enter the model of advertising - they already solve anything anyone raised and to question the solutions is to incite yelling. In bold.

So yeah, you have people who are ready to take on holy cows...other peoples holy cows. Granted, they can't see their own cows and instead just see the other guy as being X, Y or Z (all of which are negative). But in the end it's always aimed away.

I'm not even sure what sort of bogeyman the word 'persuasion' conjures in their mind. It's a horrible world though, apparently. Just dreadful and just simply couldn't be the case. I guess if you demonise something enough, it just can't be true.

Okay, I'm walking the perimeter here - I haven't gotten into evidence and argument. But frankly the wounds seem so raw, what would the point of that be? It's like that guy who somehow got authorities to try and drag Australian backpackers back for murdering his brother - because his brother came to him in a dream. I mean, how far do you think reasoning will go with that? Taking it his brother suicided, it's a hell of a thing to have to face Vs simply having some very clear cut enemies instead. We like familiar enemies.

In the end you have people unwilling to look at how they have actively influenced the supposed impartial GM. Maybe if they did they might have another word for it which is more apt than 'persuasion', who knows. But that isn't going to occur.

When we influence each other all the time - it's just part of the whole social thingie! To think social influence somehow stops when we roleplay?

Speaking of, atleast I'm outside of moderation used instead to preserve certain ideas, in writing here. Oh, could be wrong, could be wrong! Maybe there is some kind of way those ideas are founded on very solid ground. But even humouring a 'you could be right' rather than 'you are right' ends up in yelling, as far as I can tell.

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