Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rifts RPG : High cost of armour repair isn't scary

It strikes me, also having played alot of Rifts recently, that a PC with 60 Mega Damage Capacity armour just does not get any fear from an enemy who does, say, 1D6 - even though that's 1D6x600 credits in repair cost.

But the repair costs aren't scary.

This is what struck me. Because to get money to pay for them, you are still going to have to get out there amongst enemies. You can't get scared and shy away from doing that.

So it ends up at being no big deal. So small time damage (once you have tough armour) is not made thrilling by repair costs.

I'm tossing up the idea of some kind of additional 'magic damage' dealt by supernatural creatures, in a fixed amount (something like 10 Mega Damage or 20 Mega Damage) on top of the creatures paltry 1D6 or 3D6.

This damage can't wreck your armour, but it can disable it. It dissipates at one point per hour (you can pay for a faster dissipation).

This promotes the 'Well, I think I'm going to shy away from combat now!' thing which shakes play up a bit and makes for a loss condition in combat. Ie, you got beat up so bad you want to go hide in a corner for awhile. When you have to pay for repairs though, there's really no room for that as you still need to get out and make money (to pay for repairs or make up for money lost in paying for repairs).

You have to make a place for being scared in.

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