Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beast: The Blue Sky

The blue sky, a creature with a bulbous head and shrunken, toga'ed body and a mouth in a continual 'o' shape, has a strange psionic power that compels it's foes to utter 'Would you agree with me the sky is blue?'. Strange power, not because the victim is forced to chant these words, but because the blue sky will never agree the sky is blue! Not from petty considerations like at night it's black. It just cannot bring itself to agree with its foes on even the most petty of truths - its foes are from another tribe and even such a small thing brings embittered, accusing silence from it. It's psionice force builds up on 'you just don't agree with them' and in a strange way it seems it forces the question simply to drive this absolutism of thought that unlocks its further psionic attacks. Once the silence builds for long enough, it feels justified in attacking any intruders into it's lair - which is often rocky outcroppings and cliffs, where its mutterings echo back to it on a regular basis.

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