Sunday, October 4, 2015

Point form adventure update!

To quickly update (so as to ensure doing so!)

  • They fought a flameskull - well, the barbarian picked a fight with it, then it flew away and he didn't do so well.
  • They survived and finished phandelver!
  • They returned to Red Larch and took up the notes of the previous party - who'd left none so I made it up some had left notes. Pliskin is after the mud sorcerer and Lucian the (now) barbarian has bad dreams so he want to smash elemental things.
  • They partied at feathergale spire. Then when the knights tried to have a slumber party with them (maybe!), the party butchered the knights and escaped on giant vulture (nat twenty animal handling) or spider climbed down the side of the tower to the valley below.
  • In the valley they stood around in the open (well, half did) and then were found by knights on vultures who refused to come down to the ground to be murdered by the barbarian and whatever Pliskin is. 
  • So the party got hammered by javalins and Lucian the barbarian almost died trying to distract the knights from the almost dead Muriden the noble dwarf, as he tried to get away with his vulture.
  • Muriden didn't say thanks. Nobles.
  • They hid and rested but at the eigtth hour gnolls, one a pack lord, find the less hidden of them.
  • Pliskin spares the packlord, insisting he is the gnolls leader now.
  • They find the gully they spotted through a telescope on feathergale spire, find some magic monks who try to beat up the party but get beat up!
  • They interrogate a final one and find the cult the monks are from hates the mud sorcerer! Plot twist!

And that was the short version!

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