Monday, June 15, 2015

D&D 5E; Princes of the Apocalypse (Part 2) : Doing time for dungeon 99

So the PC's are (spelling is hopefully correct!)

Shargoth: Level ~4 barbarian
Angrog: Level 2 fighter
Reed: Level 1 Rogue (just showed up!)

Anyway, the Reavers go on to mug the PC's. Again in my mysterious GMing way I have one reaver simply watch and laugh as the others fight, so as to file the numbers down even more.

I'm rolling outside the screen and the barbarian goes down pretty quickly due to good rolls on my part and bad rolls and out of rage on his part. The Reaver starts searching his body (and by chance, does a stabilisation roll - hey, I'm a nice GM!)

Angrog is rolling a series of bad rolls and not getting very far.

The rogue manages to crit (I kinda thought that would happen!) and then fell one of the reavers that is fighting.

However, he goes on to attack the reaver who is searching the barbarians body.

I get the logic - maybe the searching Reaver would kill the barbarian if the rougue teams up on the final reaver. Actually I have taken unconcious PC's hostage before (but no direct kills) - not that this player was there when I did that.

On the other hand, focus fire on the last guy might have been the better option.

As it was, they all got beaten down!


Now, as it happens in the text there is a prison in this dungeon - where the PC's can end up if captured, until the boss of the dungeon figures out what to do with them.

How did they get out of it? Well, since they are super diplomatic, it involved throwing rocks at someone from the window of the prison...

That's a story for next time!

Part 3

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