Saturday, July 25, 2015

D&D Bonus Story #2

The bugbears heard the commotion in the hallway, but decided to brace themselves to ambush the intruders once they entered the bugbears quarters. But the noises dwinded as the intruders seemed to go north...then never return.

When the bugbears ventured out, it seemed most of their Redbrand allies were slain or tied up.

Thinking not much of this lot, they decided to leave - but not before taking the beaver pelts that were stored here!

However, on the way the strange, one eyed beast of the cavern disturbed them, leading them to spill some of their loot on the way out. While the adventurering party members might, casually searching around the place latter, find the lost loot!

How much did they lose?

Up to six players can claim 5 beaver pelts, each worth 2 gold pieces (so 10 gold in total )

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