Thursday, February 4, 2016

D&D 5e Adventure League continues!

I find it hard to write an account of absolutely everything that happens in my D&D adventure league game - but worse is to write nothing at all! So here is a sample of a highlight that first came to mind, then all the stuff I had to explain to show how it came about and all the stuff I had to explain about what happened next. And it still didn't cover the two hours! I'm hoping to continue like this through the year, as there have been quite a few game sessions already and it's time to catch up!
The party had managed to somewhat impress (or frighten) Master Quarbo of the sacred stone monastery after fighting a great beast he’d set upon them as a ‘test’. Also some attempts to speak charmingly had gotten him a little more on side.

After sleeping overnight in Master Quarbo’s quarters (and having a nightmare battle with shadows during that, as provoked by Lucian the Barbarians past sacrilege in a tomb), the party awoke, having rejuvenated themselves with a long rest. As the group decides to pry around the room Pliskin hears the whisper of ‘the cleaner’ by his ear, a mysterious man seen in the distance of a dungeon some time ago. Though the cleaner is no where to be seen here. The cleaner has a tip to impart - that a scroll of secrets on the silver disk Pliskin is pursuing are held in the remains of a plinth in the monastery. One formerly the roost of a gargoyle but it was defeated in their past escapades!

Pliskin leaves the others and investigates on the tip of the mysterious voice, finds a secret panel – but somewhere inside something slithers. Something multi legged and fanged! Hesitating for a moment, Pliskin decides to face his fear of that particular threat and punge in his arm in to grab the scroll within – something snaps at him but only gets ahold of the cloth of his robe, which is covered in a sickly coloured poison when he quickly pulls his arm out again with the scroll in his grip.

With the scroll in hand he meets up with the others who have finished rummaging around the bedroom and decides to leave the monastery to read the scroll, to avoid prying eyes (like that of the owner of the scroll!)

The monks on guard duty at the front door think little of the parties attempts to charismatically influence them that they are free to leave. Having failed to convince them, it seems the paladin Rikarian steps up and connects his mace with both guards heads with a sharp crack each time – leaving them unconscious but alive on the floor! The party leaves the compound, except for the amnesiac warlock – who decides to loot the unconscious guards. This does not go well! A Duergar employed at the monastery, investigating the sounds of bodies slumping to the floor, finds the amnesiac warlock pawing over the bodies…the warlocks excuses mean little to the dark dwarf and he leads him to explain himself to Master Quarbo. The same master who would rather the Warlock was put back inside a stone golem to be it’s power source.

Meanwhile, outside Pliskin has covertly read the message and found Quarbo had been monitoring his boss, Madros, who has the silver disk with him, deep below sacred stone monastery. They return to the monastery with this knowledge, only to find the front door closed and bared…

This is just a fragment of the two hour session. If I tried to cover everything, it would go for much longer!

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