Monday, February 8, 2016

D&D Princes of the Apocalypse 2016, Post 2

The priest called and something came.

But before that the others, in full plate made of stone had stood up from their meals at the tables, turning to the intruders.

The intruders tried to greet them. As if they expected the cultists at the table to respond cheerily like a neighbour.

The cultists decided to cleanse. And the priest called – and was shaken to the core by the power of an elemental wearing metal plates itself, thrusting itself out of the ground at the beckoning. And it seem to have come for the man with no shadow. The barbarian, Lucian.

It strode past the wizard Pliskin who had lead them into the room, striking massive blows with it’s maul twice upon Lucian who had not a moment to draw upon a resistant rage.

The other stone clad soldiers descended on the wizard and Rikarian the paladin. Their maces blows sometimes only bit into armour – other times they sunk heavily into flesh. Arrows and beams sped from the rear lines of the party, Ander the rogue and the amnesiac warlock into the priest, thinking this would banish the terrible elemental before them. But the priest was merely gravely wounded and did not fall.

The reign of blows was too great – word of retreat rang amongst the party. They withdrew as they could from the maces of their enemy, until Lucian back away and slamming the door shut, braced himself against it as the other made their escape.

Finally the door exploded, frame splintering around Lucian, from the massive blows of the elementals hammer.

He fell back, raced along the corridor as the creature of earth and the cultists guards chased the fleet footed barbarian. Down the corridor, past the statue room and east, side stepping blasts of web streaking down the corridor. Shot by Pliskin further up the passage, which splashed and stuck strands all around the statue room just behind Lucian, making it slow going for the elemental and the guards to catch up. Then the party all ran – until they got to the room with the hobgoblins and the Bullette and it’s rider. At which point they tried to appear casual and walk naturally to the north exit. As they had merely lightly bribed them before and who knows how suspicious you can act on just a mere few gold? Upon reaching the north exist, they dashed again across the zig zag bridge across the chasm, to the base of the 250 foot stairs…

>> Again, this is an abbreviated excerpt of the parties adventure. Writing it all out would take so much more.

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