Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bummed by PVP, because of it's relative absence

I'm playing the runes of magic mmorpg at the moment and I've come across this town in it where PVP flagged players seem to turn up fairly often. And before this it was pretty rare to see them.

Yeah, I picked a PVP server...but in the end, PVP was so rare that it may as well be a PVE server (not to mention the PVP encounters are pretty much 'and suddenly your ganked, that's it', which doesn't really feel like PVP or PVE).

It's kind of like I signed up for a game about chips, but got chocolate instead...and I kind of ate the chocolate and liked that - until it's basically what I would boot up the game for...and now...I'm getting chips mixed in my chocolate. I like chips, I like chocolate, but not together. Although I signed up for a PVP server, which makes it sound like I want that mix - but it wasn't a mix from the start, it was mostly chocolate and that's what I got used to. It's a funny position to be in.

Maybe I'll level my warden on a PVE server. My rogue was only low thirties anyway, as I had been trying to level both his classes together. I think I'll give up on that as I heard a useful tip (comment if you want to hear it).

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